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….It was an honour to have been in a band with Mick Jones and to have written some great songs with him. But in 1990 we went our separate ways. That led to me having a go with my own band, Screaming Target (named after the Big Youth album) with Greg and Leo. We also had two female singers (Chezere and Mary) in the band, which was a new angle. Dan and Steve Roberts (R.I.P) joined a few months later. I just wanted to know if I could do it on my own. We were signed to Island Records and released an album called Hometown Hi-Fi. Screaming Target had more of a reggae and world sound than B.A.D., but it lacked the magic of Mick Jones. Chris Blackwell advised me to get a singer for the album. I never did (you were right Chris). Chrissie Hynde featured on a track called “This Town” and Pete Wylie was on a track called “Bedazzled”. Screaming Target lasted a year or so before I put all my efforts into film and Leo, Greg, Steve and Dan went on to form Dreadzone. 


Besides the odd remix and continued work with Dreadzone other solo endeavours over the years include: creating the Basement Five, a single with P.I.L's Jah Wobble and Keith Levene, briefly managing the Slits and a collaboration with members of Trouble Funk. Oh yeah in 2009 I recorded a reggae version of London Calling with Dubmatix!

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