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Don Letts ‘Culture Clash Radio’ BBC 6Music 22:00 – 0:00 Sundays Nights.

available anytime to listen via his page on the BBC website and available to download in its entirety via BBC Radio Iplayer app.

When I was asked to sit in for a couple of shows on BBC 6Music back in 2006 I never dreamed I’d get the chance to become a regular presenter with my own radio show on the coolest nation in the nation. Now I figure they thought I’d be coming with a reggae based show but contrary to popular opinion I’m not at home listening to bass heavy music all day long  (even though it is in my DNA!). Besides who other than a ten year old listens to one genre of music? Culture Clash Radio allows me to broaden peoples perceptions of what I’m about. I’m not reggae Don or punky Don – the worlds a big place full of beautiful sounds and I like to embrace it all. My musical selections cross time space and genres and I don’t just rely on the tried and tested. You’ve got to embrace the new so I’ve always got my ear to the ground for the latest sounds – and in my eight year on the station I’ve never played a tune I don’t like  - promise….

Listeners Thoughts..


You have for me filled a void that Peel left, a connection to past, present and future with a genuine love and enthusiasm. This is the first ever e-mail I’ve sent in six years. Long may you grace the airwaves and thank you for giving me the most positive, inspired and exciting soundtrack. Love to ya  …..Adrian Veysey



I am shocked by your show.  I make “mix tapes” for my friends, and your show is so much like one of my mixes.  I love it.  Keep hitting the tunes from all over, the wild crazy mix-up is what I have never found elsewhere.  Do what you do. Perfect show!  …..Bill Braun


I listen to your show on iplayer (almost) every week. You are one of my favourite DJs ever - in fact DJ isn't sufficient a word to describe you. Your show is my weekly inspiration. You introduce me to music I don't have time (working mum of 2!) to discover myself . Long may it continue……..Jo Richards

Definitely the highlight of every week, Don’s show is absolutely superb and essential listening for genuine music fans. Keep On Keeping On.   Paddy


This email is a long time a coming. For the last 6 or 7 years I have listened to your show and it has been a real joy. You restored my faith in the idea that the DJ and listener shared a joy of music and as a result a relationship, and to me it appears that the rest of 6Music followed your cue. It is amazing that another brother born and brought up in London could both like as diverse acts as Prefab Sprout, Cutty Ranks, Radiohead, TV on the Radio, Massive Attack, Marvin Gaye, The Smiths, Paul Simon, Beach House, Love, Talking Heads, Mercury Rev, Mos Def, The Roots, Steely Dan, Tribe Called Quest, Blur (of course), Prince (obviously) and The Clash (even more obviously) etc. Things are such that I am relieved when you play something I don't like. You are maybe the lost link between John Peel and Giles Pieterson. Anyway just wanted to say; keep on keeping on. ….Wayne


Really enjoying your BBC radio show... Dusty Springfield and Cutty Ranks! Brilliant!!  Keep up the brilliant work... love the show!!!.......Jane Buchanan



As well as his weekly ‘Culture Clash Radio’ weekly show on BBC 6 Music Don has also presented several radio documentaries for BBC radio including:

‘The Peter Tosh Story’

‘The Other Nottinghill’

‘The Story of Island Records’

‘Blood & Fire: Roots, Reggae & Rastafari’

‘Tighten Up’: The Story of Trojan Records

‘The Blues Dance’ 

‘The Clash Live At Shea Stadium’

‘Dread Meets Santa’s Christmas Reggae Rockers’

‘The Story Of British Reggae’



"Highlight of my week! Your selection is impeccable, and when you speak you say things that are both interesting and relevant to the music you are sharing. You sir are a breath of fresh air, such a welcome change from the oft times thoughtlessly crafted set-lists and unnecessary chatter I hear on other stations and hosted programs.  Any show that rolls out "The Question" (Moody Blues) followed by "I'll be Around" (The Spinners) is one I'll be happily following until the end of my days. You Mr. Letts are an asset to not only BBC Radio 6 but to music enthusiasts everywhere.  I have yet to hear anything on your show I haven't liked (or already loved!)  Thank you for making this American ex-pat comfortable outside of her homeland.  Above all, thank you for the work and heart you so obviously put in to your show."

........ Melody Ashe (31 years old)


"Hi Don, we in our office love the show, however, it is 120mins too short...Is there someone we can direct our complaints?"  ..... Jonathan Holt

Reggae 45 Podcast in association with Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay and Don Letts present a series of Podcasts exploring the music that sparked Don's lifelong love affair with Reggae.

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