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…told in Lett’s unique voice and heavily illustrated, Culture Clash is the story of a first-generation British-born black man, who has often found himself at the epicentre of British, Jamaican and black American cultural upheaval…..


Grammy award-winning film-maker, successful promo-director, DJ at the legendary Roxy Club, all-round Renaissance man. From his Brixton upbringing to his involvement in King’s Road fashion and black British culture, Don Letts took his inspiration from the London punk scene and never pigeonholed himself.


Along with friends Mick Jones, Letts co-founded Big Audio Dynamite who pre-empted much of today’s dance culture and sampling techniques, whilst mixing with the cream of the New York hip-hop scene. He has gone on to document on film The Clash, Bob Marley, Gil Scott-Heron, Sun Ra and George Clinton and his 2005 Punk:Attitute documentary has been described as the last word on punk. Dancehall Queen his first feature film is now considered a Jamaican classic. Never one to rest on his laurels Culture Clash charts Don’s journey into the 21st century.



“The lesson that the filmmaker Don Letts’ autobiography can teach modern Britain is a simple one. Never limit yourself. Letts did not allow himself to be fully defined by his colour, nationality or even his Rastafarianism. That helped him play a part in the unification of the punk and reggae scenes. In doing so, he helped race relations in this country no end.”

……The Independent


“Vivid autobiography from the Grammy award winning filmmaker, friend of the The Clash and Bob Marley, DJ and co-founder of Big Audio Dynamite.”

    ….Observer Music Monthly


“The beauty at the crux of the story is how Letts travels in and out of the varying scenes and deals with the personal and racial politics – chameleon-like but with his karma intact. The ‘Dread’ has undoubtedly seen more movements in two hundred  pages than most of us will see in half a century, and his memoirs are an inspiring time capsule.

……..Spine Magazine


“Letts opinionated and witty narrative is full of the kind of anecdotes (filming and hanging out with The Clash, Sex, Pistols, Bob Marley and more) that some people would trade a limb for.” ……….Q Recommends


“Culture Clash is brisk, unpretentious and fast moving, with plenty of space given to the famous faces Letts has known.” …..The Daily Telegraph


“Letts is extraodinarily honest in every sense. Throughout, Letts’s sense of assurance and confidencein his place within the world – outsider and insider by equal measure – is inspiring.” ……….The Wire


Wheather relating tales of fainting at Black Panther meetings, being stopped under SUS laws, going to Jamaica, hanging out with Bob Marley and Afrika Bambaataa, forming a band Mick Jones and more recently capturing Gil Scott Heron, Paul Weller and George Clinton on celluloid, he emerges as an intelligent, arresting, thoroughly likable narrator.”     …..Mojo Magazine


“At the end of the day, Culture Clash is highly engaging and insightful account of the life of a character who has contributed to Britain’s popular culture.”

             ……The Independent on Sunday

"As film-maker, musician, documentarist and cultural historian Don Letts has been, and still is, a catalyst for the minds and spirits of so many of us" - Jim Jarmusch







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